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My day starts with a check into my agent’s listings to find a cruise I would like to take. I love to think about where I want to go next and keep within my budget. Cruise ship speaking has enabled me to go to places I never thought I would ever get to experience. Is this something you would like to do – that is, travel and stay within a smallish budget?

Look no further than here. A Cruise Ship 미국배송대행 Speaker is something many people dream about and the starting point is understanding what is involved. Cruise lines book their speakers through agents. Those agents will take your application and decide whether you qualify (or not). It is not difficult to qualify as long as you follow the following steps:

Make a list of things you can talk about (each talk is around 45 minutes).

  1. Include places you have traveled where you can narrate a story or two.
  2. Pick 5 or 6 of your topics and create a brief 2 sentence summary of each (this is to be used in your application form).
  3. Locate as many images and photos as you can of your topic (you will be using PowerPoint for your presentation and images are key (little or no text).
  4. Prepare a video of you speaking (preferably on a cruise ship, but if you cannot provide this, any speaking gig where you interact with the audience is generally OK).
  5. Create a bio with a professional photo. This bio is your selling tool for the agent, make it enticing, make it about your potential audience.

Once you have all of these parts put together, it is time to start fleshing out a couple of topics and practicing your talk. All of this is long before you will even apply for a speaking engagement with an agent.

BTW on most cruise ships, you will be required to have 4 to 10 talks ready to go. Each cruise has a different requirement for the number of talks they want. The cruise lines will not use all of these talks in the schedule but if there is a day where there is a need for another talk, you will be expected to be ready with your extra presentation.

Get comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd. I have found that audience size really varies with the time of day you are asked to speak and also the subject matter. Generally, you want to have a nice big audience as you are rated for every performance. My suggestion is to practice many times over long before you get up in front of your cruise ship audience. The golden rule here is “the talk you give should not be the first time you have presented when you are on the cruise ship”. All this means is that you need to rehearse, just like any other performance.

So what happens if there is a location where you want to travel and the cruise line is looking for something you have not yet presented?

My advice is to find out exactly what they are looking for and doing some research to see if you can fulfill the need. If you are totally comfortable with the subject matter and feel you can rehearse and present the topic without an issue, then, by all means, make a proposal through your agent. I often present destination talks in locations where I am familiar but have yet to visit. The research and reading books, etc., makes for a very thorough and interesting talk. This will only be of value to the client if you spend the time rehearsing and making sure the details are correct. Nothing is worse than presenting something and your facts are erroneous.